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Why Eclectic Foundations?

Biblical Worldview

      As a Christian, it is important that our children are taught Biblically. The educators of the 1800’s and early 1900’s also believed this. During this heyday of education, educators unapologetically taught Biblical truth and American patriotism. Scripture verses and Biblical lessons are scattered throughout the program.

"The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions." William Holmes McGuffey

 "My daughter and I both loved it.  It truly is a fun, Biblical, easy to use curriculum."

"I appreciated the verses chosen for my boy to read, learn, and press deep within his heart."

Easy to Teach

     144 lessons are intended to cover 36 4-day weeks. The answers to workbook sheets are located directly on the Teacher’s Guide lesson pages. You do not need to thumb through the back of the book or locate a different book for answers. One student workbook and teacher’s guide includes all needed lessons for Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Handwriting, Composition, and Poetry. Another curriculum would most likely require many books.

"If you are looking for a solid, phonic based program that includes handwriting, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension and requires no prep work, then this curriculum would be a good fit for your family!"

Simple and Effective

• Letters are taught using multisensory activities. As soon as your student learns enough letters to form a word, the letters are “put to work”. Immediate use of the letters allows your student to make better sense of the material being taught.

• Comprehension questions are included with every McGuffey Reader selection.

• Word Cards are colored to correlate with the parts of speech. Studies show that associating difficult concepts with simple concepts such as colors or shapes can be very effective.

• Author studies and poetry studies help your student think critically and understand selections from various points of view.

• This program starts cursive in Level B. Studies show that cursive writing taught at an early age can be beneficial especially for children with dyslexia.

• Copy work includes quotes from authors, historical figures, and philosophers. Your student will copy quotes from some of the greatest minds of the past.

• Lessons are interesting, short, and effective. The work progresses slowly and steadily. You won’t find “busy-work” in this program.

 "I love how short the lessons are but most of all I love seeing my daughter's fluency improve and her confidence grow.  I like how simple it is."

Historically Successful

• The McGuffey Readers were part of the Eclectic Education Series and were widely used from 1836 until the 1960’s. The Eclectic Education Series was the most popular collection of textbooks before educators secularized the public school system.

• After this shift in education, the Biblical teachings of these textbooks were no longer allowed in the public school system. Authors of the Eclectic Education Series knew that it was impossible to teach morality apart from Christ.

• Educators of that time also had their pupils ready for college upon completing the 8th  grade. William Holmes McGuffey began teaching public school at age 14. The McGuffey’s Revised 6th Reader, however, is considered to be a college senior reading level by today’s standards.

• Teachers of that time had the freedom to teach without government bureaucracy. Shouldn’t we raise our educational standards again?

"Each lesson has wholesome content such as moral components, character building, biblical truths, life lessons, etc. for the student to glean. At the end of each lesson I felt like my child came away with more than just academic progress."


Each program is designed to last one year. One student workbook and teacher’s guide includes all needed lessons for Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Handwriting, Composition, and Poetry. No other program that I know of provides this much at such a low price.

 "I LOVE that it’s all encompassing and there’s no extra work for me."

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